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Get kids hooked on reading!

6 to 9 years old - AdventureBox stories and characters are brought to life by talented British actors. The audio recordings will gently accompany children as they become independent readers.

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AdventureBox is the recipient of the 2020 Parents’ Choice Recommendation. Commended for its consistent delivery of interesting and engaging reading material – AdventureBox is the magazine that keeps kids hooked on reading. Here’s what you’ll find delivered to your door each month:

  • 60+ colour pages packed with facts, fiction and fun every month.
  • A multi chapter story featuring action, suspense, drama and humour with exciting illustrations that help newly independent readers develop their literary taste.
  • Nibby's Games – every issue is filled with games to play such as spot the difference and mini-quizzes.
  • Your mail – readers share their favourite puns and one-liners.
  • Zak Jinks – a hilarious comic strip about a boy who always has a plan to handle the situation.

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