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AdventureBox Max! ages 9 - 13

9 to 13 years old - AdventureBox stories and characters are brought to life by talented British actors. The audio recordings will gently accompany children as they become independent readers.

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Designed for children from 9 years old, AdventureBox MAX, encourages their appetite for reading.

Your children will love getting every month this new magazine that is so much more than just a book. Stories, games, experiments and comics, all wrapped up in 68 pages. At an age where social media draws attention, let your children have fun reading while exploring the world.

• Exciting stories and adventures to fulfil children’s hunger for reading
• Fascinating facts from different aspects with pictures to tell the truths
• Age-appropriate arts and crafts to engage children and parents
• Hilarious comic strips tell funny stories in an even funnier way

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